Welcome to Baker Dude Cupcakes! We're currently moving into our new home @ The Beacon Atlanta and will re-open soon as a Baker Dude Bakery Cafe! Stay tuned!

The BEST Cupcakes in Atlanta and quite possibly, the universe! If you're gonna have a cupcake, have a Baker Dude Cupcake! And soon you'll be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner plus more baked deliciousness, sandwiches on fresh baked breads and amazing soups and salads!

Why Baker Dude?

If you're gonna have a cupcake, have a Baker Dude Cupcake! Downtown Atlanta's craft cupcakery creates euro-style cupcakes that not only taste awesome, they are made with the best ingredients and are preservative free! Each cupcake is delivered to you individually packaged with a spoon for a mess-free experience. Our special recyclable containers also preserve the quality and flavor of each cupcake. They are literally the best cupcakes in Atlanta and yes, quite possibly the universe! Just saying...

To help spread the Baker Dude happiness, we have partnered with charitable organizations throughout the city and have donated unsold cupcakes to help fight hunger in our country. We worked hard to create these amazing Cupcakes and make sure that not one is thrown away!

I needed almost 400 cupcakes for a corporate event. The Baker Dude came through – with the most beautiful cupcakes that were custom decorated for our 20th anniversary celebration! Not only were the cupcakes beautiful – they were absolutely delicious and a huge hit at our corporate dinner. They even happily delivered to us and helped us to set it up. We couldn't be more pleased and highly recommend the Baker Dude!

Maura Glassberg


About Us

Orran Booher

The Baker Dude

Our Story - How we got started.About the Head Baker Dude: Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica as the 3rd of 4 children. His parents were interior decorators and taught him the trade. The Matriarch of the family, his mother, baked Jamaican Christmas cakes every Christmas and he was involved in every way since the time he could stand. Once the Head Baker Dude could see over the oven he started baking on his own with a box Pineapple Upside down mix (I know, a box) and it came out great. 

Since the design gene was passed down, he redirected his talents into baking and started to make recipes from scratch and being the systematic person he is, working with recipes was right up his alley. He too began baking Christmas cakes as a teenager to the point where they were more popular than his Mother’s! Since he out baked his mom he was kicked out of Jamaica (totally kidding) he relocated to the US at age 20, Taking time off he really didn’t start baking again until around his late 20’s where he began working with fondant style cakes. 

 Enter Food & Wine magazine, the launch pad for his love of euro-style desserts. He started baking cakes for all his colleague’s birthdays. But after years of baking birthday cakes and watching his waist line grow he began to make mini variations of the cakes, cakes that would fit in a cup… Yes you guessed it, cupcakes. 

 In 2012, the name Baker Dude (inspired by the cool name and fellow local ATL company - King of Pops) came to him but it wasn’t until 2015 it became a reality. After resigning from his job in August, Baker Dude was born a month later. Running Baker Dude out of his kitchen under a Cottage License, he began selling cupcakes online and when the new year came and everyone was on a diet (until February), he used the time and found a commercial baker so that the supply could catch up with the demand and reach a wider audience - BAM Baker Dude 2.0 at Farmer’s Markets came into sight as well as offering customers more of a variety online as well. When the Farmer’s Markets came to an end for the winter break, we were fortunate enough to land a retail spot at Peachtree Center Plaza and that gave birth to Baker Dude 3.0! 

 Fast forward to July of 2017 when we said thank you and good bye to Peachtree Center and hello to SunTrust Plaza landing a new spot operating a kiosk in the Food Court and Baker Dude 4.0 was born. We aren’t done yet! In July 2018 we will be opening our first brick and mortar store in Grant Park, inside the hip new Atlanta Beacon development where we will continue our domination and hopefully with your help, became an Atlanta institution! This is our story, and we're sticking to it.

Orran Booher – The Baker Dude


We are located in the SunTrust Plaza Food Court, next to the SunTrust Bank & ATM on the Bridge Level.


303 Peachtree Center Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Store Hours

Monday — Friday

10:00 AM — 6:00 PM