Copy of Events

Sit back and enjoy, or join in with our talented staff and friends as we sing songs, play our instruments, share poetry and stories as well as games and other activities. Performances usually begin during the lunch hour and will occur throughout the evening.

Zen Hour 

Mondays thru Fridays (10AM - 11AM)
Join us for a cozy hour of tea* and relaxation. In this peaceful hour, we dim the lights, play soft acoustic music, hear words of encouragement, and perform breathing exercises to exhale our stress away. Experience the great escape.
*Complimentary with any purchase.

Grab a bite with us and enjoy first-class performances from our talented cast & friends. We work hard to bring you great food and now we bring you great entertainment, including Musical Numbers (impromptu and choreographed) / Acoustic Selections / Poetry and Story Hour / Drag Performances / After Hour Plays, and much more.

Presenting the Bake Dude Goldstars

Each member of Baker Dude Entertainment has worked hard to bring our customers professional, exciting, and honest performances that promote all different types of song and dance. Though the team has only been working together for a few short months, they quickly formed a bond strengthened by a love of showmanship and storytelling. The performers come from an array of backgrounds that include musical theatre, the circus, bluegrass, classical, and even assistants to globe-trotting musicians! With their varied training, the team hopes to offer exciting musical numbers that not only wow the audience, but also inspire performers of any type to get out there and move the world with their art...

    We hope the environment at Baker Dude is unlike anything you've ever encountered in a restaurant setting. Our belief is that through art, we will help cultivate a community in Atlanta that encourages love, communication, openness, and a spirit of camaraderie. we want to offer you not only amazing food but amazing experiences that will have you dancing and singing long after you leave! 

      - Emily Branch, Music Coordinator